I Finally Found It!


I finally found it!

I finally found it. That “je ne sais quoi”.

All my adult life, especially as a parent of a child with special needs, I’ve been searching for methods to help support me through my personal journey so I could be self-sufficient in managing my own ups and downs.

I’ve certainly needed different things at different times throughout it all, and God knows I have many great tools that continue to serve me, but what I always seemed to be lacking was a comprehensive roadmap on how to maintain a certain level of sanity when the going gets really tough. 

Those who know me well can attest to the fact that the work I do with my horses fills my cup with pure joy and fulfillment, however, I must admit that it is yoga that has shown me the way (and the horses are all part of it).

I think most would be surprised to know that the truest definition of yoga is:

An ideal state of awareness where one succeeds in controlling or stopping the constant mind chatter (or incoming flood of thoughts) in order to be fully present and prepared to receive or replenish life force or energy (prana).

And guess what…the physical postures (or asanas) of the yoga practice are only one way of attempting to reach this ideal state. If you only do the physical practice, you are most likely missing out on the full scope and riches of what yoga can do for your life so you can transform completely, as opposed to only achieving physical fitness. I only learned this fact myself during my teacher training, as most studios I have attended failed to follow the teachings out of a need to offer a good workout for your money.

The truth is that yoga teaches a way of living. It doesn’t promise to fix your life because if you are alive and walk the earth, you are guaranteed to experience pain of all sorts. Instead, it teaches us how to minimize suffering on every level so we can manage the pain we experience in an efficient way.

I think what I cherish the most about my new sense of freedom which I have found through my newly-improved yoga practice is how to consistently source and replenish this life energy I so desperately need to keep going. This prana is available to all of us, at all times! You too can pull from it! It does, however, require a genuine commitment to follow through with a comprehensive practice.

In all honestly, the results I have achieved with the true yoga have surpassed anything I have ever done in my life, (and I am a therapist-so that should say a lot). Just like you need to feed your body with food, you need to feed your soul with prana. Your physical, mental, and spiritual health fully depends on it. It’s shocking to look back and see how I managed to do what I did before I knew how to do what I do now. I feel proud to acknowledge how strong I always have been.

As I embark on this new chapter in my life as a yoga teacher, I feel I am getting closer to my ever-unfolding life purpose(s). I am beyond excited and eager to share what I know with all of you, even if I only plant a little seed that leads you to new horizons and offers new perspectives!

If you are reading this, I bet you it is for a reason. There are no coincidences. We are connected you and I. Don’t feel ready? Of course, you don’t. That’s why it’s the perfect time to start. Let’s do it together…

Join me on this crazy ride called life.