This change of life is taking me for a ride!

THIS CHANGE OF LIFE IS TAKING ME FOR A RIDE! I knew peri-menopause would be an adjustment just by observing what my mom went through at my age, but these hormonal changes in midlife seem way harder on me than I ever expected! Is it just me? Or are women suffering in silence? Well, I’m…

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The yogic path of the horse

THE PATH OF THE HORSE! Most would agree that personal development, and maintaining a certain quality of mental health, can sometimes feel like a full time job, as the demands of our busy lifestyles can make it difficult for us to commit to our self-care. But it does ultimately boil down to truly being a choice.

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I Finally Found It!


I FINALLY FOUND IT! All my adult life, especially as a parent of a child with special needs, I’ve been searching for methods to help support me through my personal journey so I could be self-sufficient in managing my own ups and downs.

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