Springtime Yoga with Marianne

If you have been feeling like me, this winter was all about going inward and letting my soul hibernate, like a sleeping bear. I’m glad I did, but this sleeping bear is now ready to spring back to life! (Plus, this sleeping bear probably put on a few pounds, and got a little soft around the edges.) I’m looking forward to connecting with my people, basking in the sunshine, and breathing in all the scents of the season! Join me in awakening the body, stirring the senses, and illuminating the mind with this springtime flow series!

Thursdays in April and May from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm

Level: All levels are welcome! Go at your own pace!

Location: 25015 Township Rd 254, Calgary Ab, T3R 1A2. We will be practicing in the studio and if the weather permits, on the outside deck.

Cost: 9 classes for $200 now $140 for a spring pass which includes both months! If you prefer to drop-in, inquire first if there is space for $28/class, (but must inquire before showing up). Spots are limited.



FREE class for newcomers!

Never tried one of Marianne’s classes for ladies before? Then maybe this FREE opportunity will motivate you to come out to her lovely forested property off of Twelve Mile Coulee Road in the NW of Calgary (near the Coop)! Spots are limited, so first come first serve! Join this amazing community of supportive and soulful ladies!

Type of class: gentle beginner flow (zero experience required)

Date/Time: Saturday, May 11th, 2024,  11:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: If the weather is warm, we will be outside practicing on the deck with a magical view of the horses, and if it is cooler or raining, we will be in the on-site studio The Little Red Barn of Joy!

Address: 25013 Township Road 254, Calgary AB, T3R 1A2



Yoga for hesitant beginners!

Let me know if this sounds like you…

You are far from having an athletic body and are not in the best shape of your life. You are at least in your 40s or older. You are intrigued about yoga and the lifestyle, but you have been intimidated to join a class (or stay registered in a class) because you just didn’t feel like you fit in. Although you get the concept that yoga is for everybody, you can’t seem to get past the thought that you will make a fool of yourself, or worse, fall flat on your face. You are always tired, so why even bother trying, because if you decided to cancel one of the classes last minute, the instructor would think you are lazy, and then you would just give up out of embarrassment.

Sound familiar? Then this class is for you! You heard me sister!! This is YOUR class!

Only registrants who match the profile described above will be accepted in this class. I will do my darnedest best to make you feel as welcome and as safe as I possibly can!

We will be starting with the very very very basics, on all fronts. Sound perfect? Then you must join!

Here’s the thing…If you can, I want you to recruit a friend who also fits the same profile. Why? Because women need each other! We keep each other motivated and interested! That is half the battle. You get a sweet discount if you register as friends! No willing friend? No problem. You can register alone.

Schedule: to be announced soon

Cost: to be announced soon

Location: Onsite studio-The Little Red Barn of Joy, 25013 Township Road 254, Calgary, T3R 1A2.

Register and send etransfer

Special Events

Coming soon! Keep posted!

Feeling JOY! Day Retreat

Let's get together and connect to our sense of joy in community! Did you know that a new study revealed that healthy relationships are the only thing we all need to be happy? Not food. Not exercise. Not even extra sleep. Healthy relationships! We so need to do this together! Let's raise each other up! Joy is so wonderfully contagious!

This day retreat is designed to be purely enjoyable and relaxing! We aren't digging deep to discover hidden things about ourselves. Instead, we are connecting to that child-like joy we all once had that makes us experience freedom, have heightened sensory experiences, and laugh! Time to let go, shed the heaviness, and find our way back to ourselves! 

Activities will include time spent with the horses (no riding), a creative/artistic project that requires no talent, yoga, a simple nature walk, and fun spiritual practices!  

Light snacks, coffee, and tea will be provided. Bring your own lunch. 

Schedule: Next date to be announced soon!

Location: Marianne's property in Bearspaw, NW Calgary

 Please find out more about my equine practice here:


Want to host your own workshop or class?

I love to see people shine and thrive doing something that fills their soul with purpose and meaning! Sometimes our jobs pay the bills, but we have fewer opportunities to engage in our passions! If you have an idea, come and host! It's only $35/hr to rent out the studio space I call The Little Red Barn of Joy or the outdoor yoga deck! You get to keep all the profit! (This does not include my entire property or direct access to the horses). It's your workshop! It does not have to be a yoga workshop; it can be anything at all!

Offered only upon availability.

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