My top 12 health fixes (and what did not work)

MY TOP 12 HEALTH FIXES (and what did not work)

Looking back at the last 3-4 years, I have gone through what I would describe as a positive quickening in my life. I developed my equine and yoga practices, made some accommodations on my property, developed and offered my first certification course, created an oracle deck, and started writing a book. Although most people report that covid set them back, I was able to thrive due to the nature of my work being mostly outside. I received government permission to continue supporting my community and felt very much connected. I also tried to practice what I always preach and found what I believed to be a healthy life balance. Despite all this, unbeknownst to me, I was brewing the perfect storm for a health crisis. 

Although most people report that covid set them back, I was able to thrive due to the nature of my work being mostly outside. I received government permission to continue supporting my community and felt very much connected. I also tried to practice what I always preach and found what I believed to be a healthy life balance. Despite all this, unbeknownst to me, I was brewing the perfect storm for a health crisis. 

Although I am used to functioning with a certain level of fatigue (as I am in midlife, have 3 kids and one with special needs, have 4 horses and 3 dogs, am married, and have an active social life), in the past 2 years, I quickly observed myself falling to new energy lows. I tried to push on and change my lifestyle to accommodate and address my exhaustion. Still, I kept getting worse despite my efforts to do everything right.  

I want to start by saying that I am neither an anti-vaxer nor subscribe to conspiracy theories around covid. I also hold no judgment toward people who have other opinions. It is beside the point. What I do know, however, strictly speaking for myself, is that I felt a drastic change in my health after experiencing 3 covid vaccinations and 3 covid infections. It wasn’t until the 3rd time for both that I noticed an obvious worsening of my symptoms.

After returning from our family vacation in Europe, I noticed that I frequently needed to urinate, which would wake me up at night. Luckily for me, my husband is a Nephrologist and was able to do a urine culture. It came back negative, so he suggested I follow up with an ultrasound. The ultrasound cleared me of any kidney or urinary issues; however, it did reveal that I had a growth the size of a kiwi on my left ovary. What was interesting to me is that this growth had not been there a year ago when I did my regular screen. My maternal grandmother died of ovarian cancer at my exact age, so my family physician sends me for routine checks. This thing grew quickly and was pushing on my bladder. Things were starting to make sense.

I now realize that the symptoms I had been experiencing were mostly hormonal. I had dysfunctional uterine bleeding that once lasted up to 6 weeks, my breasts grew 2 sizes, my face was covered in acne, my hair started falling out, I experienced sleep disturbances, and the daily fatigue was debilitating. I decided to take a medical leave.

All my physicians were highly supportive and did their best to help me. They could not confirm 100% that my growth was a benign cyst but assured me that if it remained the same size or grew within the span of a month, it would be removed and biopsied. Even though I agreed with the plan, I felt the need to actively participate in helping to shrink this growth. This was when I decided to treat it as if it were cancer and research how I could attempt to make it disappear. I went full force. 

Rest assured, I always followed medical advice but also tried alternative approaches. I was searching for the perfect balance to optimize my health. 

Lo and behold, my cyst was gone when I went for my one-month follow-up ultrasound. In fact, there was not even a trace that it had ever been there. Usually, you can see something. My physician was so stumped that she thought the technician had not been thorough. She sent me for another one. Same result. It was gone. I had also developed a cyst in my right breast, which had also disappeared. 

I am known as a doer and manifester in my circle of friends. This time, I had impressed even myself. I feel that I had something to do with getting rid of all my lumps and bumps, stopping my uterine bleeding, and restoring my blood iron to a healthy level. 

Interestingly enough, I had seen a few specialists, and all agreed on some level that my theory that covid set my body off balance and increased my overall inflammation was not out of the realm of possibility. One can never say for sure, and I also agree with that. However, they admitted to their patients reporting increased mystery symptoms (within their respective fields) since covid. My physician insisted I share all I did with her, and I also thought I would let you know! Please find the list of all my strategies at the end of this blog.

Upon reflection and lots of soul searching, I believe I was the perfect candidate for a health crisis. Throughout the 7 months that I was on leave, I was able to see myself throughout the years. It came to me almost like a review of my life. I did not ask for it, but it came. All that I had been through and experienced from a young age came back to me for evaluation. Everything that was not fully processed needed to be looked at for a final release. It was awful and lonely, but my entire soul screamed for me to do it once and for all. To be honest, I had no choice. It just happened, and I could not stop it. 

The teachings I took from this process are valuable. An important one is that, despite having been effective at parenting my child with special needs, of which I am very proud, I had gone through an extended period of living in a state of emergency, which I dealt with by being overly proactive and ignoring my feelings. I knew this on some level, just not to what extent. It took its toll on me in a way that shocked me completely. Only when I came to a forced stop during my leave could I experience the physical, emotional, and spiritual repercussions. Furthermore, giving up my career as an Occupational Therapist to care for my child was traumatic for me, regardless of it being my choice. I also had a lot of misplaced and unresolved resentment toward my husband, whom I deeply love, and some difficult family issues resurfaced. Throughout this process, it became evident that I needed to allow myself to fully feel all those feelings, mourn my losses and expectations, and let go. I believe that all these issues wore me down and set the stage for the perfect storm of covid-induced health imbalances. 

There was also lots of joy! Never in a million years had I expected such support from my community! There came a time when I was at my worst fatigue, that I started doubting my ability to continue offering my services. I went through so many self-deprecating feelings. The love, prayers, encouragement, and friendship I was shown genuinely helped me reconnect to my sense of belonging and purpose. I know, above all else, that all the healing energy others sent me had a powerful effect on helping me get better. Everything is energy! My people literally raised me up! 

Lastly, this journey allowed me to fully own my unique gifts. I am intuitive AF, and I can create magical things! 

My list of things that worked

1-The Bemer

Pulsed electromagnetic field energy mat that helps increase circulation and manage pain. Many many benefits! Costly to buy, but you can rent it from a representative.

2-Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory diet.

I consulted with a couple of nutritionists (not dieticians) and referenced Kris Carr’s books! Her personal journey is also very inspiring!

3-The Medical Medium

My next reference is controversial; however, if you do actually read his books, you can’t argue that some stuff makes common sense!

4-Manukah honey at an MGO of 1500 plus 

Promising evidence that it can help fight cancer. Must be 1500 MGO or higher. Very expensive. This one is the most affordable. 

5-Body Talk

The body can heal itself! Find a practitioner! I have one I love!


An easy to install APP for your device. It provides sound therapy. Many benefits!

7-Homeopathic covid detox

8-Equigrounding sessions with my horses

My herd knew I was not feeling well. In fact, I will write a full blog on that story next! Their sensitivity and healing powers never cease to amaze me.

Click the link below and scroll down to read about it! I offer these sessions in the warmer months!

9-Joe Dispenza’s manifestation meditations

Dr. Dispenza is a favourite of mine! I worked to see myself healthy by adapting one of his meditations that is done daily to see yourself succeeding and connecting with all the highest positive emotions possible! Check out his book Becoming Supernatural.

10-Vitamin B12 injections

Although my B12 levels were always normal, I was experiencing a type of chronic fatigue, and I would even go so far as saying fibromyalgia. My family physician prescribed me a series of 7 injections to boost my energy levels. She reported having success with similar presentations. It was excellent!

11-Exercise and sleeping on the floor

There was a point when I could not lift a finger. But once I started feeling a little better, my physician encouraged me to do a bit of exercise daily. I kept my little studio, The Little Barn of Joy, heated and surrounded myself with all my high vibrational things to do my yoga! Be sure to check out the classes I am offering! I went with my body. It helped a lot, but I initially felt severe body pain. I instinctively sleep on the floor. I would wake up with 50% less body pain. I did this for 2 months on and off.

12-Keeping my energetic vibration as high as possible

I found this to be essential for my emotional well-being at this time mores than usual. I look forward to Lee Harris’ monthly energy updates as well. I strongly recommend subscribing to his You Tube channel.

A word on things that did not work for me

My purpose is never to discredit medical advice. I am married to a physician and value science! However, I thought I would share what did not work for me in case others are experiencing similar results and want to discuss it further with their physicians. 

X Treating my hormone imbalances with hormone pills

I love my gynecologist! I think he is probably the best! The idea was to try a low dose of the birth control pill to trick my body into thinking it was making the right amount of hormones and preventing dysfunctional uterine bleeding. It did not work. By the second month, I was having dysfunctional uterine bleeding again. I also experienced severe bloating and breast pain (went up 2 bra sizes). Hormones can influence inflammation. He took me off the pill.

X Heme-based iron supplements

Heme is a component of iron found in animal flesh. I am vegan by choice but was willing to take the prescribed iron to get my levels up again. Unfortunately, it was a very slow process. The Medical Medium (Anthony Williams) reports that viruses do like to feed on this metal, and if you are experiencing a viral overload (in my case Covid), it can be counter-productive. Once I switched to liquid plant-based iron, my levels went up fairly quickly.