This change of life is taking me for a ride!


I knew peri-menopause would be an adjustment just by observing what my mom went through at my age, but these hormonal changes in midlife seem way harder on me than I ever expected! Is it just me? Or are women suffering in silence? Well, I’m talking if you feel like listening…

Yes, losing skin elasticity is indeed disheartening, and unpredictable hot flashes are certainly irritating, however, the most distressing symptoms for me have been memory loss, fluctuating energy levels, and sleep disruptions. The changes were gradual, but concerning nonetheless.

I watched a great TedTalk given by a brilliant neuroscientist named Lisa Mosconi called How menopause affects the brain. It was life-changing for me, and in my opinion, every woman of age should watch it. Wouldn’t hurt for spouses/partners to watch it either! It shed light on everything I was experiencing. During the talk, Dr. Mosconi shares research findings on the effects of decreasing hormone levels on cognitive and emotional health. Hot flashes, wrinkles, and sagging body parts I can accept, but the other symptoms are tough to live with!

It is reassuring to know that there is a neurophysiological reason for the symptoms that were seriously concerning me. I had long felt frustrated trying to “fix” my issues through lifestyle changes that weren’t yielding the quality results they should have been despite my best efforts. The truth of the matter is that you can’t fully compete with the natural process of aging, but you can certainly address each symptom individually. There’s comfort in acceptance.

In yogic philosophy, we are taught that the ultimate life-force energy, known as kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine like a coiled snake, begins to move up through the body at midlife, as the person begins to experience an expanded state of consciousness. This flow of new energy, which serves to fine-tune our chakras and energetic bodies, can be quite disruptive, if not plain uncomfortable physically, emotionally, and cognitively. The similarities in symptoms with the beginning of the change of life are truly uncanny.

What I also find fascinating with this uncoiling of this kundalini energy is the simultaneous emergence of creative power, spiritual gifts, and connection to the divine feminine, all beautiful experiences that have suddenly blessed my life at this age. I feel like I have started to come into my own power, something that was quite unexpected at age 47. But in actuality, it is quite a natural rite of passage if you have consciously been committed to your personal growth. And like many initiations, the process can be quite harrowing! That’s how I choose to see this change of life (and the uprising of kundalini energy). At the very least, it makes things more bearable.

One thing is for sure, these changes have pushed me to pursue solutions to my problematic symptoms, and as a result, I have gone down a soulful path, which in turn has led me towards purpose, service, connection, and more peace. Could my kundalini energy be rising? The thought of it makes me proud, so let’s say yes!

Every woman experiences the change in life a little bit differently, but I can certainly share what has helped me:

A vegan diet

Acupuncture for hormonal and sleep regulation


Liquid multivitamins for better absorption

Reducing caffeine

A creative outlet

Continuing education

Intimate friendships

Valuing my marriage

Rigorous exercise in short spurts, but daily

And of course, YOGA! Check out my classes on my website

The purpose of sharing my journey is really to open the conversation and create a sisterhood of wise women, elevating their lovely, messy, kundalini energy together! It is to offer support to others in ways I know how, which is through the sharing of my stories, my passions, and my love for yoga!

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